Aqua Yoga San Diego-Carlsbad?

Have you heard about Aqua Yoga? Hatha Yoga sequences in warm water? It's becoming rather popular; I found a dozen pages & groups about it on Facebook. I thought I made it up myself, but it turns out, I'm not the only mermaid yogini out there!

Yoga Health Benefits

Do you know about the many health benefits for Hatha Yoga? Weight LossStress ManagementPre-Natal Post-NatalOvercoming BurnoutImproved SleepIncreased Brain FunctionDetoxing Body & MindStrength TrainingIncreasing Muscle FlexibilityIncreased Range of MotionHolistic health benefitsAnger ManagementCouples GoalsPersonal TransformationSelf-ImprovementImproved Digestion For more info, CLICK HERE, to contact us.


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