We created this app because we wanted an easy way to plan our yoga workouts. Over a decade ago, our founders were yoga teachers. Now we make this app for you to enjoy your YOGA LIFE NOW

Arthur Morel

Arthur Morel began studying yoga in 2000 with various teachers. As a software engineer suffering from burnout and too much sitting, he discovered a way to help himself & others, as our engineer for this very powerful app. He grew up sailing & wind-surfing in Santa Barbara and knows what vibrant health feels like. Sedentary lifestyles are so harmful, he found out first-hand. Now there he applies his engineering genius for yogis and yoginis everywhere, making session or class planning simple enough for daily workouts, wherever you may be. Without his own need for yoga, he may never have thought of this, but Hatha Yoga, especially Iyengar was his inspiration.

Teresa Ann Foxworthy

Teresa Foxworthy began studying yoga when she was 9 and was teaching Hatha by the time she was 17. She began leading meditation workshops at age 18, and has been on a spiritual quest every since. In college she studied Conceptual & Interface Design, having worked with interactive teams in Hollywood. “Yoga is a practice for holistic health: Body, mind, heart & soul.” You can learn more about her many Yoga for Health programs on her wellness website. As a member of the team, Ms. Foxworthy oversees community relations, in addition to interface design. In fact, Teresa suggested this app idea since Arthur was always emailing his family & friends, sequence of his yoga sessions. “Why not make an app to do this yoga planning, so you can easily share with friends?” That was April 6, 2018.